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Expert-TDS 2006

Expert-TDS based on Fedora Core 2

The Expert-TDS (True Dedicated Server) gives you the power of exquisitely reliable name brand dedicated server hardware. You will be the exclusive user of the entire system which protects you from the leading cause of web hosting account outages - other users on the same server as your web site.

The Expert-TDS is a general purpose dedicated server with dual processors and four SCSI disks setup with RAID5 (parity and striping). 350GB of usable disk space and 2000GB of monthly data transfer are included. Easy to use control panel available at no charge. If you need to upgrade to a larger server, it can be upgraded with no downtime, no changed IP addresses, no DNS changes, no moving of files, and no administrative hassle just by placing an upgrade order from the control panel. Basic Linux knowledge recommended.

For a list of features common to every server used by TDS plans, please click here to see the TDS overview page.

If you select the "System Administrator Control Panel" and the "Workgroup Administrator Control Panel" from the application list when order your server, most server administration tasks can be handled from a web based interface and you will very rarely need to touch a configuration file or use a command line interface. If you prefer to manage your server by command line, just don't select any control panels during the order process. They can always be added later if you change your mind.

Included resources:
Larger data transfer quotas and additional IP addresses can be obtained in real time from your control panel immediately after placing a paid order.

 350GB disk space
 2000GB data transfer
 Up to 1000 free IP addresses*

Add-on resources:
Additional data transfer: $0.90 per GB per month
Faster CPU: upgrade to a larger server
More RAM: upgrade to a larger server
More disk storage: upgrade to a larger server

*Subject to proper justification and occasional verification per ARIN policies on IP address utilization. Abuse of this privilege may result in account suspension or termination.

Select only the applications you know you need right now
Select only the applications you know you need right now. Any applications you don't select now can always be added in real time from your control panel if you find you need them later. Some applications are installed with a default password that must be changed immediately after installation for security reasons, so it is best to only install what you will be using right away.

Not all combinations of applications make sense, so choose carefully. For instance, Open WebMail and IMP WebMail would conflict because they both do the same thing using different software. As a general rule, don't select any application that you don't understand, don't need, or don't recognize. If you need help selecting applications, you can email or call technical support during business hours and they'll be glad to help.

If you're new to this and don't know which applications to select, please choose the following:

  • System Administrator Control Panel - allows control of server settings
  • Workgroup Administrator Control Panel - allows control and configuration of individual web sites and email accounts
  • ProFTPd - allows you to upload files
  • SSHD - allows you to login to a command prompt

That will get you a basic functional server account and you can add what you know you need from there. Basic server software like Apache and sendmail are installed by default and cannot be selected or deselected, though they can be disabled once your server is setup, if necessary.

Linux server administration experience is recommended
Since true dedicated server accounts include root access, we strongly recommend that you have experience administering a Linux server if purchasing a true dedicated server account. If you have no experience administering a server, then you may want to consider a shared hosting account like the WebPro accounts.

Software license purchases
Note that ColdFusion MX, JRun, Plesk (PSA), Urchin, Confixx Pro, Miva Commerce Server, Webppliance, and Helix Server are commercial applications and will require that you purchase a software license to be able to use them. Any commercial software license fees are in addition to any application fees you may see here and will require that you purchase the necessary license(s) from the software company.

Payment methods
We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, e-gold, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, and online checks

Setup time
Setup is instant with an approved credit card payment or PayPal payment. Orders paid by e-gold will be setup upon verification of the identity of the account holder. Identity verification is only required for the first payment of new customers due to the high level of online fraud and identity theft.

No waiting for your brand new server, instant setup
Most dedicated servers will initially be setup on a high-end server that exceeds the capabilities of the server you ordered until the server you ordered has been built by the manufacturer, shipped, and setup on our network. The initial setup is instant and you can use your account to its fullest right away, but the final hardware may take up to 4 weeks to be in place for your use due to manufacturing lead times and shipping. Once your ordered server is ready, your data will be transparently migrated to the correct hardware with no changes or action required on your part and only a few seconds of downtime. Due to extremely high customer retention and constantly changing server technologies, nearly all TDS accounts are setup on brand new hardware. At Advantagecom, you won't get a tired old server that has been beat up by hundreds of customers before you.


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Expert-TDS server specifications
Server specifications change from time to time, but those changes will always be to your benefit. Call for the latest information. Below are the minimum specifications for this plan as of January 27, 2006:

  • Brand name server (Usually Dell, but sometimes HP, IBM, or Sun)
  • Dual 3.4GHz Intel Xeon CPUs with 2MB on-chip cache each
  • 4,096MB Error Correcting RAM
  • four 146GB U320 10K RPM hot-swappable SCSI disks setup as RAID5 storage (~350GB useable storage space)
    (what is RAID?)
  • Hardware RAID controller
  • Redundant internal cooling fans
  • Dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies and dual power cords

  Setup Fee Subscription Fee  
1 Month Free $1,399.95
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3 Months Free $4,199.85
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6 Months Free $8,399.70
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1 Year Free $16,799.40
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2 Years Free $33,598.80
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